Getting Started

  • Decide if there is a small group that can help you organize the drive.
  • Decide if you will raise food, money or both.
  • Decide what type of drive you want to stage, such as a party or a competition. THEN, SET A GOAL!
  • Agree on the drive’s length. Will it be for 1 day? One week? 2-3 weeks?

Food DriveGetting Ready

  • Send out memos, phone messages, newsletters and e-mails to promote the drive. Plan special theme days such as Meal Monday, Tuna Tuesday, etc. Sponsor competitions between teams, classes or departments or plan a special event to encourage giving.
  • Consider arranging a Hunger Awareness Day at the start of or during your drive. Request a speaker from STEP.
    Acquire and decorate boxes for food collection.
  • Place the boxes in convenient and visible areas. Arrange to store them during the drive.


  • Update participants on the amount of food and funds you’ve collected through a sign in a high traffic area, announcements in meetings and newsletters, or e-mail.
  • Send out creative messages to keep people excited about reaching the goals.
  • Coordinate volunteers to pack food properly at the end of the drive. Load and transport it to STEP.


  • Deliver your food and/or funds to STEP during office hours.
  • Include the Food and Fund Drive Report Form with your contact information.
  • Share drive results with all participants. Send thank-you letters. Throw a party. Make awards to celebrate efforts.

Still want more ideas?


  • Have departments, classrooms, or teams compete against each other to see who can collect the most. Friendly competition adds energy to a drive and helps people remember to donate.
  • Offer rewards to top donors (for example: pizza parties, gift certificates donated by local businesses, a front-row parking space for a month). Let employees wear jeans to work each day they donate a canned good: “Can Suits,” “Beans for Jeans.”
  • Assign specific foods from the “Most-Wanted Foods” list to each team. Or give a prize to the group that donates a well-balanced collection of foods.
  • Encourage teams to choose a mascot, motto, team name or cheers. The sillier, the better!


  • Make colorful posters noting the specifics of your food drive. Include STEP’s “Most-Wanted Foods” list and facts and figures about hunger. Display posters or reminders in restrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms or hang on doorknobs.
  • Create a giant thermometer or can to measure progress toward your goal. Place the thermometer or can in the front lobby, employee break room, or other area where it will be seen.
  • Identify your drive with a name such as “Gifts from the Heart,” “Feed the Need”, etc.
  • Decorate bags for participants to take home, fill with food and return.
  • Design a paycheck stuffer with information about the drive.
  • Designate theme days. Fill a playpen with infant formula on Monday. Plant a “garden” in the lobby with canned vegetables on Tuesday, etc.
  • Via your e-mail system or public address system, distribute a hunger fact for each day of the drive. Quiz people at random and hand out little prizes to people who remember the facts.


  • Kick off your drive with opening day festivities. Be wacky, informational or inspirational.
  • How about a silent auction? Nothing drives up cash donations like the enticement of a massage, dinner for two to a local restaurant, or home made items.
  • Bake sales, pie-throwing contests and car washes are tried and true food-and fund-raisers.

Contact Mari-Claire at or 952-925-4899 to let us know you’re holding a food drive and with any questions or needs. Click here for a Food and Fund Drive Report Form