Effective Immediately:

STEP will no longer accept food donations through at least December 31. This is in response to the governor’s Stay Safe Plan and due to the overwhelming amount of food donations STEP has already received.

Please instead share with neighbors or save your donations for January and February, which is typically a higher need time for food donations.

We appreciate your understanding.


Getting Started

  • Decide if there is a small group that can help you organize the drive.
  • Decide if you will raise food, money or both.
  • Decide what type of drive you want to stage, such as a party or a competition. THEN, SET A GOAL!
  • Agree on the drive’s length. Will it be for 1 day? One week? 2-3 weeks?

Food DriveGetting Ready

  • Send out memos, phone messages, newsletters and e-mails to promote the drive. Plan special theme days such as Meal Monday, Tuna Tuesday, etc. Sponsor competitions between teams, classes or departments or plan a special event to encourage giving.
  • Consider arranging a Hunger Awareness Day at the start of or during your drive. Request a speaker from STEP.
    Acquire and decorate boxes for food collection.
  • Place the boxes in convenient and visible areas. Arrange to store them during the drive.


  • Update participants on the amount of food and funds you’ve collected through a sign in a high traffic area, announcements in meetings and newsletters, or e-mail.
  • Send out creative messages to keep people excited about reaching the goals.
  • Coordinate volunteers to pack food properly at the end of the drive. Load and transport it to STEP.


  • Deliver your food and/or funds to STEP during office hours.
  • Include the Food and Fund Drive Report Form with your contact information.
  • Share drive results with all participants. Send thank-you letters. Throw a party. Make awards to celebrate efforts.

Still want more ideas?


  • Have departments, classrooms, or teams compete against each other to see who can collect the most. Friendly competition adds energy to a drive and helps people remember to donate.
  • Offer rewards to top donors (for example: pizza parties, gift certificates donated by local businesses, a front-row parking space for a month). Let employees wear jeans to work each day they donate a canned good: “Can Suits,” “Beans for Jeans.”
  • Assign specific foods from the “Most-Wanted Foods” list to each team. Or give a prize to the group that donates a well-balanced collection of foods.
  • Encourage teams to choose a mascot, motto, team name or cheers. The sillier, the better!


  • Make colorful posters noting the specifics of your food drive. Include STEP’s “Most-Wanted Foods” list and facts and figures about hunger. Display posters or reminders in restrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms or hang on doorknobs.
  • Create a giant thermometer or can to measure progress toward your goal. Place the thermometer or can in the front lobby, employee break room, or other area where it will be seen.
  • Identify your drive with a name such as “Gifts from the Heart,” “Feed the Need”, etc.
  • Decorate bags for participants to take home, fill with food and return.
  • Design a paycheck stuffer with information about the drive.
  • Designate theme days. Fill a playpen with infant formula on Monday. Plant a “garden” in the lobby with canned vegetables on Tuesday, etc.
  • Via your e-mail system or public address system, distribute a hunger fact for each day of the drive. Quiz people at random and hand out little prizes to people who remember the facts.


  • Kick off your drive with opening day festivities. Be wacky, informational or inspirational.
  • How about a silent auction? Nothing drives up cash donations like the enticement of a massage, dinner for two to a local restaurant, or home made items.
  • Bake sales, pie-throwing contests and car washes are tried and true food-and fund-raisers.

Contact Mari-Claire at mari@stepslp.org or 952-925-4899 to let us know you’re holding a food drive and with any questions or needs. Click here for a Food and Fund Drive Report Form