6812 West Lake St., St. Louis Park, MN 55426 | Phone: 952-925-4899


STEP provides confidential food shelf services to those in need residing in St. Louis Park.

STEP requests residents make an appointment to use the food shelf by calling 952-925-4899.

Services are delivered by licensed social workers and STEP volunteers.

STEP requests a picture ID and verification of St. Louis Park address at the initial appointment and annually thereafter; postmarked within past 30 days.


  • Utility bill, lease, official mail from county, state, or federal government, current lease, or a medical bill
  • A driver’s license is not an acceptable verification of address

STEP offers curbside shopping or in-person food shopping:

In-person food shopping- STEP offers a shopping model where clients may pick out their own groceries. Clients can call 952-925-4899 or come in in person during STEP’s business hours to schedule an appointment. STEP strives to have eggs, milk, and meat available at each visit. Dry and canned goods are available at every appointment.

Curbside shopping-STEP offers a no-contact order pick-up. Clients call 952-925-4899 during STEP’s business hours to make their personalized order and arrange the time to pick up the groceries at our red alley door at the back of the building. STEP strives to have eggs, milk and meat available at each visit. Dry and canned goods are available at every appointment.

STEP also provides product that is Kosher. In addition, for those households who keep Kosher, a gift card to the store for meat for Shabbat is provided.

Households are encouraged to come 1 time per month. Households may come 2 times per month if discussed with a STEP social worker.

Emergency food (1 bag of nonperishable goods, bread, meat, and shelf stable milk) is available to those who walk in or to those who cannot make an appointment.
Homeless youth who drop in will be given emergency food. The individual is encouraged to meet with a STEP social worker to address any service needs not currently being met by other community providers.

STEP social workers welcome calls from school district personnel to address an emergency food need of students even if the student resides outside of St. Louis Park.


  • The individual is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and a detriment to themselves or STEP volunteers/staff.
  • An individual is demonstrating abusive or threatening behavior
  • The individual demonstrates a pattern of disruptive behavior and disregard for food shelf policies and procedures.
  • Clients who live outside of St. Louis Park will be allowed to shop on a limited basis and referred to the food shelf in the city of residency.


A homebound individual or someone recovering from a medical procedure may request STEP provide a food delivery. Those requesting this service must first be assessed by a STEP social worker. An exception will be made for those referred by an emergency responder or hospital social worker. STEP can only provide this service 1 time each month. Please call 952-925-4899 and ask to speak to a STEP social worker.

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